Why is everyone talking about Mirnah’s Route Accounting Software?

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Why is everyone talking about Mirnah’s Route Accounting Software?

Gone are the days of manually managing the day to day operations of a business. In today’s digital age, we have progressed from the paper-based process involving ledgers to business accounting software products. Businesses use various types of software which is essential to manage the operations or the inner workings of any department, to help it run efficiently and smoothly. Reducing paperwork and installing a comprehensive software solution is the need of the hour.

Mirnah’s Route Accounting software can manage business transactions and Van sales with speed and accuracy at affordable costs. The software can streamline your consumer goods operations that involve direct store delivery, retail execution, and field service. Automation solutions like the route accounting software can change the functioning of your business forever. With the right product, at the right place and at the right time, you can boost the sales and the efficiency of your operations which in turn increases profits and decreases costs and is sure to have a remarkable impact on your business operations.

Mirah’s Route Accounting software is fully integrated ad extremely flexible that can be easily customised and individually designed, based on the customers’ unique business needs and requirements. Listed below are a few of the benefits of using

Our Route Accounting system software:

1. Inventory tracking gets easier with our route accounting software in place. The delivered, damaged and returned goods can be tracked, thereby creating cordial relationships with customers. Tracking ‘when the goods were delivered’ and in ‘what condition did the customer receive’ the same improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Delivery and payments can be done at the same place by generating invoices on the go; printing wirelessly via mobile printers and handing over to the customers after the goods are delivered, thereby reducing labour and fuel costs. The salesperson’s current location and any particular customer inquiry can be attended to with the help of our tracking system.

3. Improving punctuality and customer service by planning more efficient routes to reach customers. Our software optimises each route for each day with delivery timings and with enabled wireless devices their daily activities can be monitored.

4. Maximizing resource utilisation by regularly updating inventory quantities in case of insufficient stock availability, quick preparation of accounting records and statements and quick access to real-time order status and overall activities.

5. Performing increased van sales and services by generating an automatic end of the day report to assess the overall sales. This increases employee efficiency and lowers operating costs.

At Mirnah, the specialised route accounting software minimises inefficiencies and automates all accounting processes of route planning, dispatching, tracking and reporting. It can capture, record, optimise routes and deliver sales transactions from your mobile phone. Mirnah works with varied accounting systems and is apt for the ones who do direct store delivery. With over 23 years of experience in Route Accounting, Mirnah Technology Systems has improved the route operations for leading FMCG companies in the Middle East. With Us, You Can Run Your Business From Anywhere.

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