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Vansales IT Route Accounting

‘Companies don’t compete; supply chains compete’. Today, companies are making revolutionary changes in their supply chain technology. With constant innovation in every facet of life, we are moving towards automation in every sphere of work life. With continuous expansion in operations and overall growth, companies are looking for ways to simplify their everyday tasks rather than complicating it. One such revolution in the world of direct store distribution (DSD) is Route accounting or Van sales automation system-streamlining daily sales and delivery activities.

What is direct store distribution/delivery?

Direct store distribution/delivery means, the supplier directly distributes or delivers the goods to the retail store skipping the third party intermediary shipper. The goods that are manufactured are stored and delivered directly to the retailers, thus minimizing labour, operating costs and saving time and money in the long run. Directly interacting with the customer or the retailer gives you better control over the products sold. Managing the inventory, delivery options and shipping options is all in your hands; one party operates, manages and keeps track of it all. This allows for more scope for client and consumer interaction. While cutting out on middle man seems like a simple task, it is not as easy as we think.

What is the challenge?

The most important goal of direct distribution is to deliver goods on time. Aspects such as, product inventory, pricing, delivery status etc. needs timely coordination which is the greatest challenge that they face. Additionally, van sales staff is assigned with daily duties of receiving orders and planning routes, to and fro from the distribution centers to the customers. They have to ensure they check the products before loading in, while keeping a systematic track of items to be returned as well.

What is the solution?

We can overcome the direct store delivery challenges by incorporating technology. Van sales automation is the latest trend shaping the grocery, beverage and food service sectors. Companies are using apps that can be installed in mobile phones to interact with the drivers while they are on the move, thereby automating the transport process. At the other end, they can effectively communicate with the retail partners or customers in regard to inventory, delivery status, payments and complaints if any. A route accounting system in place proves effective for your business by keeping a track of purchase orders, issue invoices and collect payments. Automation of technology can offer endless opportunities to maximise efficiency, thereby saving time, money and effort.

At Mirnah, we possess the knowledge and expertise to seamlessly integrate your operations with our automation. Our feature-rich intuitive routing software called RoutePro assists sales personnel by giving them access to a powerful integrated customer management and mobility software platform that increases sales, aids in timely delivery and helps in overall performance of a company. With the route accounting automation in place, your products are sure to get delivered at the right place and at the right time. Indeed! ‘We are the route to your destination’.

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