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Upgrade your van sales and Direct Store Delivery With Mirnah

If your company is need of van sales or Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Mirnah does wonders with the performance. We can provide a visible increase in delivery aspects, improve the communication with the track of goods and the drivers, we take your business a step ahead to serve at its best.

Mirnah provides the best services of Route Accounting, Asset Tracking along with the field services across the world; we have been extending our territory starting from Saudi Arabia, Muscat, Dubai UAE, Kuwait which includes the entire Middle East Region.

In this growing demand industry and difficulty in managing the assortments, DSD pays an excellent fortune saver by providing the service to make things simple and straightforward. Why is it said that DSD makes the significant impact in the growth process? DSD regularize the whole process, getting the final product to the shopper has always been a hectic stage, here comes DSD into the picture where the process is regularized efficiently from the first stage, whether it be the supplier store visitor to evaluate the stock level and to replenish the order, followed by merchandise products based on the preferences, these stated streamlines are well organised if we opt for DSD which have a robust categorized performance.

DSD is used for specific unconvincing facts which are served efficiently, some of them are listed below;

Sensing the high demand-

Sensing and the precaution is the critical factor in association to the van sales for both retailers and the suppliers, its made comfortable with the use of wireless technologies, route accounting system, and DSD (Direct Store Delivery) with this upgraded technology we can sense the moving of the store in a faster rate. This will directly help to convert the demand into an order.

Delivery response-

Delivery is the critical factor where things get delayed up while using the traditional way of transportation which usually takes quite an ample amount of time but by using DSD this process can be made quicker. Because by using DSD we keep record of things starting from the sense of demand which will relatively help in the process of getting things regularized instantly, when compared to the traditional method of delivery where it takes 8 to 10-day cycle time, DSD serves the best when it deals with the products to the shelf quicker based on the demand.

Effective Merchandising-

In this frequently changing market there is no standardized format for any business, transitioning happens continuously and thus there comes the customized way of promotions, targets and the way we take our business, merchandising being the basic is out of no wonder is in the verge to be customized and changed, whereas by using DSD selling can be customised according to the need and can be organized.

These are the exact functionality for stretching out the maximum efficiency in your van sales operations; It’s the best way to help your drivers out with the plans and execute their routine activities in an organized way. It helps to manage and monitor the entire team work with stability and mobility. With the Innovative ideas in regards to the shelves stocked up and the happy end customer.

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