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The ultimate solution for all your asset tracking problems

In highly regulated industries managing and tracking your assets without human error and inaccuracy has always been critical. Mirnah’s Mobility Solutions are outstanding across middle east for the past 25 years. Mirnah’s compelling ATFS application maintains asset’s budget and optimize the usage.

The primary factor is to track the maintenance of the assets and to keep an account on energy and the capital invested in avoiding the chaos. When the amount of monitoring assets is large in number, it’s hard to manage and keep track of it. Mass tracking with poor tracking system leads to inconvenient scenarios like misuse of the assets, damage and lot more.

Many organizations are not able to track the real-time status of the assets by using poor tracking system which renders uncertainty in monitoring daily operations. This meagreness of tracking and managing the substantial assets has gone for a toss. Mis tracked and Misuse of Assets go unnoticed. Lacking in the tracking of the company’s business assets which is not recorded correctly and tracked can cause a massive loss for the organization.

Due to the erroneous tracking system when you think for an enduring solution through which you can locate, track and monitor the assets remotely in real time. Mirnah’s ATFS solution is an Android-based asset tracking management software which plays a significant role in managing, tracking and make optimal use of your assets across the region.

Asset tracking software offers some exclusive features which include:

• High-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, consumable assets, etc.
• Schedule and re-schedule assets individually or in groups, type, location.
• Produce an updated version of an asset report
• Utilize the barcode technology to identify the assets
• Maintain the complete audit of the system.

The real-time process of Mirnah’s Asset Tracking Management

• Once you enter the store (using GPS), locate all of your assets in a single go at the store
• Scan the barcode and track the asset
• Once you trace the asset next is image capture of the asset to confirm if the asset is in excellent condition or not
• Record the misuse of the asset by image capture and comments
• Track the status of the asset if repair is needed and send the status to the field service team for the same.
• Asset tracking team gets the report of the assets in the market and their condition
• Field service team receives the report of the number of assets to be repaired.

After the usage of Mirnah, you can instantly have the updates and the information of the assets across the market. The entire organization experience more productive with this automated system which results in more visibility and increases the efficiency of the whole process. Mirnah’s Asset tracking and field service system is the ultimate solution for all your asset tracking issues.

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