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How to Track Your technicians with field service management software?

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In today’s competitive business environment, companies are redefining and reshaping their workplace. From a collaborative atmosphere to flexible work schedules, companies are breaking free of traditional offices, investing in employees for their personal growth and ultimately for their long term welfare. As such, managing their resources, in other words, their assets is an essential component of their day to day work life. By assets, we not just mean the physical property of business like equipment and machinery but also the intellectual property ie human resources which is a key resource in any company. Besides, mobile technology is growing by leaps and bounds around the globe. With digital transformation and innovation, portable mobile technology is changing the way businesses function. 

Companies with a huge field workforce may find it challenging to manage their teams. The field management software helps them track vehicles, plan work schedules, track inventory and supervise all other back end activities. Most importantly, information can be captured in real-time by tracking the location of your field technicians or representatives. The report that gets generated tells you exactly where they are located, how long they have taken to travel from point to the other, and the duration of each delivery. Businesses need such insights to run their operations smoothly and boost sales. With the software app downloaded on the phone, it becomes immensely beneficial for the managers as well as the field technicians to manage a typical day’s work. 

Benefits of field management software 

Mirnah’s robust field service management software is easy to use and tracks your field operations. The software operates smoothly on tablets, smartphones, and desktops and facilitates the collection of real-time information which promotes smart decision making. A few of the most prominent benefits are listed below

  • Helps in instant monitoring or provides instant notification – Let’s say, you want to make a change to a particular order. The software enables you to make the changes instantly which gets communicated to your field technicians with ease as getting in touch with them via phone calls and messages tend to get tedious. Additionally, tracking the whereabouts on a workday with the help of the app that is installed on your technicians’ phone can give easy access to all their activities. This also ensures that the representatives do not spend much time in reporting related activities. 
  • Helps in work/route scheduling – You can get instant access to the number of days and the number of hours your technicians are available. You can reschedule deliveries based on their availability. Additionally, the maps and locations incorporated in the software will be of assistance to them, thus saving a considerable amount of time. 
  • Data is handy – Whenever you wish to you can access data. As it gets saved automatically. You do not have to dig up files or resort to a manual search to get information. 
  • Enhanced productivity – With the software in place that monitors every move of your field technicians, there are good chances that they are highly dedicated and committed to the task in hand. It also minimises wait and downtime which increases work efficiency. 
  • Reduces cost – Once an ideal operational efficiency is achieved in capturing billing information, scheduling, and dispatching, your costs will drastically go down. 
  • Happier customers – Timely delivery of products results in content customers. The software ensures the field technicians fulfill their duties without delay. 

Having understood the benefits, it is certainly worth investing in field management software for your business.

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