Timics NXG – Next generation ERP

Every other business has distinctive processes & needs, and hence they require a technology with a broad business functionality which can bind the entire enterprise together. We offer an integrated ERP system that helps businesses operate more effectively.

Timics NXG is a Totally Integrated Management Information and Control System which consists of a library of application programs (Modules) that are designed with integration capabilities, when operated together to form a highly sophisticated system. This enables a user to start with one module such as Invoicing and Sales ledger, and later adds more modules as necessary using building block philosophy. This system allows the organization to have multi divisions & multi-organizational structure.

Mirnah Technology Systems is ready to help organizations take advantage of the fluctuating economy with its ERP Suite.

Application Areas

Discover our application areas below, the ones from which you can build a robust ERP System
that keeps your company ahead of your competition.

  • Sales Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Property Management System
  • Workshop and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing System
  • Project Management System
  • Maintenance Contract Management
  • Media Distribution Management
  • Advertising System
  • HRM and Payroll
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