Mirnah provides you world class software solutions, powered by our expertise in the relevant fields and partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies.

Asset Tracking Management System

In today’s world information is power. Time is money. You need to know exactly what you have, and accurately track it for depreciation, taxation, and other important factors.

Analytics Solutions

Pre-packaged Analytics Framework for Route Accounting built using QlikView technology. It provides a real time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics that helps in monitoring performance, measuring them against the set standards and identifying gaps if any to resolve problems and eventually help in critical decision making.

Field Service

Retailers have to make sure that their customers are fully satisfied with the services that they provide and happy with the products that they have purchased.

Inventory Control

Mirnah’s Warehouse & Inventory control system commonly known as WICS,  gives up- to- date stock availability information to the management for better control and effective management of the stock at warehouse.

Route Accounting

Our Route accounting solutions are focused on automation of the van salesmen’s daily activities as well as to provide data consolidation of the salesmen transactions.


Every other business has distinctive processes & needs, and hence they require a technology with a broad business functionality which can bind the entire enterprise together. We offer an integrated ERP system that helps businesses operate more effectively.

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