Routepro Analytics (RPx) is a Pre-packaged Analytics Framework for Route Accounting built using QlikView.

It comes with:

  • Pre-defined Data Model & KPI Repository
  • Ready to use Visually Stunning Dashboards, Scorecards & Reports
  • Access anytime, anywhere, Local network, Internet Brower, iPad or Mobile

It combines the latest graphical dashboard technology with key industry metrics to produce timely and comparative dashboards using your own data. Along with it also provides interactive analytics of your data which helps you in critical decision making. Dashboards also allow you to draw data from other sources such as your own financial systems & reporting systems.

Dashboards can also draw data from many other sources such as your financials or reporting systems. This means that your people can be empowered with meaninglful information in real time that can help monitor performance, measure them against the set standards and identify gaps if any and resolve problems. These steps will lead to the company maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


The dashboards and analytics included in our route accounting software provide various advantages to your organization.

  • Elimination of paper based reporting
  • Real-Time information
  • Proper Salesforce management
  • Measurement of metrics more accurately
  • Better decision making

Through RoutePro, the user is able to have access to different analytical capabilities.

High level perspective of the entire distribution network, at Company level
  • Geography Map to analyze Route Performance
  • Order position with status – Delivered, Past-due, Future-due
  • Drill down to order level data
  • Sales (Month till date ) against target or budget
  • Last 12 months trend of Sales, Collections and returns
  • Returns Value and Volume, % to sales, Classification by type of returns
  • Collections value, % to sales, AR ageing analysis
  • Route Service performance namely Planned sales, unplanned sales, Serviced %, Call strike rate, Route Discipline
Route Comparison Analysis
  • Single window view of all routes with performance analysis of Sales, Trend of sales, Collections, % collections over sales, Returns, % returns over sales, Sales per customer in the route, Call strike rate per route, Service levels Trend, Call completeness, Route discipline
  • Drill down route level to Customer group level – Analyse Sales, collections, Balance to collect, Returns, Call strike rate, Amount / Transaction, Average time spent by Sales rep at each location
  • Drill further down to Specific customer sites under each customer group
Customer Performance Analytics

For a specific customer group and Customer selection, analyse :

  • Sales by Value, volume YTD / LYTD and MTD / LYMTD
  • Trend of sales for this customer during the last 12 months
  • Returns by Value, volume YTD / LYTD and MTD / LYMTD
  • Collections net due amount, collections ageing analysis
  • Contribution to sales from various products
  • Frequency of sales by various products to this customer this year
Product Performance Analytics

For a specific product category and product selection, analyse:

  • Sales by Value, volume YTD / LYTD and MTD / LYMTD
  • Trend of sales for this product during the last 12 months
  • Average quantity sold per day, Van stock per day
  • Returns by Value, volume YTD / LYTD and MTD / LYMTD
  • Returns analysis over time and classification
  • Comparative analysis by Customer group, drill down to customer
Inventory Charter Report
  • A consolidated multi-dimensional drill down report to analyse the inventory profile for the time period
  • High level perspective of the wastage across the enterprise with drill down capability to Countries, depots, routes and customer
Wastage Contribution Grade
  • Wastage, sales, COGS and margin Analysis
  • Insights by route grades and customers
Route Score Card
  • Wastages by route
  • Drill down to specific customers
  • Pareto analysis, Trend analysis
  • Spectrum analysis by Value, Volume, % range
  • Wastage to sale ratios analysis
Standards Reports
  • Predefined reports
  • Filter by all dimensional values
Self-Service Reports
  • Platform for users to create their own reports
  • Automatic selection of metrics, dimensions timelines for Reports dynamically
  • Data export and bookmarking favourite reports
  • Analyse across various dimensions like product, geography, depots, routes, customers and time
Product Score Card
  • Wastage vs. Sales Analysis
  • All detailed metrics by product
  • KPI Trends by product
What-if Analysis
  • Wastage simulation and impact
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