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In markets like the USA, Europe and Middle East, Companies from the CPG industry, engaged in manufacturing and/or distribution of Fast moving consumer goods,
Food products, Beverages, Bakery, Dairy, poultry, meat & cattle products and other consumer products sell and deliver material through
DSD (Direct Store Delivery) and Van sales or Route Sales.

Traditional Van sales and DSD systems lacked automation and were error prone resulting in higher costs of operations. Moreover, the legacy Mobile Middleware lacked the smooth integration with back end ERP which also meant loss of data & rework. Non available of DSD solutions with multiple language support resulted in poor adoption. Now, Executives in such companies who are responsible for Sales, logistics, distribution and finance functions are interested in automating the Van sales process and empower their representatives with state of the art Hand held solutions to execute business transactions, directly integrated to the ERP system. This helps them maintain one set of master data, eliminate errors, remove latency and multiple stage of data flow and loss of mission critical information captured from the market. Merchandising, Planograms, surveys and competitor activity tracking can now be performed with a lot of ease.

The traditional method of using Paper and hand written documents to account for the Orders, Sales, returns, collections, and inventory represents a significant business problem.

Next Generation Route Accounting – RoutePro Unwired on SAP

RoutePro Unwired is a unique, innovative, next generation solution from Mirnah Technology Systems that helps clients adopt the standard best practice in the Industry in executing their Van Sales business Process through SAP DSD and its Mobility landscape. RoutePro Unwired is a full-fledged Multi lingual Sales, Distribution Management system that runs on Hand held computers, Tablets and smart phones directly integrated to the SAP ECC ERP system. Mirnah Technology Systems co-created RoutePro Unwired with SAP Co-innovation labs (COIL) bringing together the best of both – SAP and RoutePro thereby creating a unique value proposition to our Customers. RoutePro Unwired works as an integral part of SAP ERP system directly within the SD – DSD module.

Using RoutePro Unwired users perform Direct Store Delivery and Van sales transactions on Android or iOS mobile devices without the need for any middle ware. The Mobile devices on demand synchronize Master data from SAP at the beginning of the day and send back the Transaction records to SAP ECC 6.0+ for record keeping, reporting and analysis purposes. The standard RoutePro Unwired product is an offline Solution.

Technology Components
  • RoutePro TAB – software that functions on Tablets running Android / iOS Operating systems
  • RoutePro Back office – Server side software built using HTML5. Renders as a Data Exchange server between SAP And RoutePro TAB.
  • ODATA protocol for data transmission
  • SAP SMP 3.0 Server
  • SAP Net weaver gateway
  • SAP ECC 6.06 – SD – DSD activated
Solution Components

RoutePro TAB

  • Software that runs on tablet devices on Mobile Operating system like Android & Windows where all business transactions with regards to Van sales like Invoice creation, Order capture, Delivery against Order Captured, Van loading, Collections from Customers, Settlement of inventory and cash can be performed using this software.
  • The Tablet software can synchronise data with SAP back end both offline and on-demand basis.

RoutePro Back office

  • The RoutePro back office is a cloud based server side software that works as a DATA Exchange Media between the RoutePro TAB and SAP Landscape.
  • SAP Standard DSD is an offline solution. RoutePro Back office Software is included in the landscape to make the solution work online/ on-demand.
  • The RoutePro Master data performs two functions:
    1. Master data is fetched from SAP completely
    2. Device Management (Identification and Authentication of tablet devices)
    3. Publishing Master data to Devices
    4. Receiving and storing the transactions data from the devices
    5. Provides data to RPx for Online dashboards
    6. End of day, on demand – synchronises data back to SAP ECC using ODATA protocol.

ECC 6.06 DSD Module

  • SAP ECC 6.06 standard module for direct store delivery and Van sales will be deployed. Native SAP DSD has a tight integration to SAP SD, MM, FI and Logistics.
  • RoutePro Unwired component (under SAP standard DSD) needs to be activated and configured.
  • The business process and rules for Van Sales and DSD are configured using this module.,

Net Weaver Gateway

  • SAP Net Weaver Gateway provides a simple way to connect devices, environments and platforms to SAP software based on market standards.
  • Net Weaver Gateway provides the set of standard and RoutePro Unwired specific custom ABAP add-ons to SAP ERP system providing easy access to business information in a simple, people-centric manner and lowers data consumption barrier.


  • The mobile enterprise application platform simplifies the task of connecting business data to mobile devices from SAP to manage Workflows and back-office integration.
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