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Route Accounting – The Integrated Software Solution for your Business

Route accounting (Route Pro) is an exclusively Integrated Software Management Information and Control System. It overlooks the maintaining, dispatch, delivery accounting, invoicing, billing of products across multiple locations.

Whether it is route sales, pre-order management, delivery or equipment service, most of the companies tend to consolidate their operational activities and functions into one most significant and compelling integrated software system. They require the process of the data collection, sharing and accessing across different departments. The traditional way of managing and shipping products from warehouse has been outdated by this route accounting software.

This software gives the privilege of organizing, delivering and managing the direct store delivery (DSD) and the hardware management services. The primary benefit of this solution is the integrating of every action systematically and instantly into one company-wide system. This happens because every instant update of daily, weekly and monthly functions is programmed within the software, which ensures every action in a single operation for easy understanding of the routine process.

Route accounting is used in every stage of the business

DSD (Direct Store Delivery)

The basic stage of route accounting is DSD, in this stage products are loaded in trucks based on the request and delivered in the locations, once the stocks are delivered new orders are taken and invoice is issued handy everything is registered in the software without Route accounting DSD would require lot of paper work and human error.

Organised Delivery

Route accounting software ensures the orders are filled correctly and even allows to edit the list on request and closes by issuing invoice handy. Thereby route pro meets the stipulations of the inventory management along with the field service management by allowing facilities to fulfill the consumers expectations and handle dynamic environments.


The orders are regularized, processed and finally route them to the required locations.

There are other functions available in Route Pro Point of Sale, Inventory management, and Mobile computing.
An active and operational route accounting (Route Pro) solution provides strong support for the growth potential for companies in the service management.

This software establishes the organized business practices and creates accountability on all department levels. It also helps in automating the complex operational and accounting processes.

Thus, route accounting (Route Pro) provides one solution for the entire business by managing the whole process systematically organized.

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