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Route Accounting Software System for Your Food & Beverage Management

Food, Beverage or FMCG sales needs a specialized tracking, traceability, as well as controls and recall management functionalities that ensure proper compliance Because their products are highly perishable and require weekly or even daily replenishment, These companies have a keen interest in any technology that can improve route efficiency and order accuracy.Route accounting solutions for Food & Beverage management  accomplishes both the goals with the help of the technology incorporated various devices and solutions.

The quality and accuracy of information communicated between your field service agents and the office people has a direct impact on the significance of your route processes. A route accounting solution customized enables your field service agents to serve customers, edit or add purchase orders from the site,collect payment and provide invoices handy.when handling the customers and the orders.

Route accounting (Route Pro )  enables a significant exchange of data. Right from the sales order till the pricing every data is automatically updated in the device. This eradicated the human- error and paper work culture . Below are some of the other key benefits of the use of technology incorporated route accounting solution.

Route accounting (Route Pro) management software is mostly used by companies of food and beverage since they get benefit mainly with this well-equipped operational route accounting solution. Both in perishable and non-perishable food, equipment service companies are in need of software for their operations and accounting. This software gives the privilege of organizing, delivering and managing the direct store delivery (DSD) and the hardware management services.

Mirnah offers food manufacturers, wholesalers, supermarkets, food processors and warehouses a variety of food and beverage logistics solutions including:

Configurable software applications: Our software application features inventory tracking, product tracking & traceability, and automatic ordering.

Mobile computers:  We have portable mobile computers specially designed to keep workers connected instantly in spite of the location— even in harsh and remote environments, this includes the tracing of refrigerator and freezer applications.

Barcode scanners:  Mirnah wants to make all the hectic data collection and asset tracking process simple and easy for applications such as ordering, pricing audits, and tracking.

Vehicle mounted computers:  Vehicle-mounted computers give workers free space and access to data and other business applications from the field, without returning to the office. They can also be paired with printers and handheld scanners which enables workers in processing and packing stations for added functionality.

Mobile printers: Mobile printers are convenient which can be taken anywhere that helps in saving time by printing labels, invoices, and barcodes in the field.  Portable Mobile printers are useful to process product number and labeling.

Barcode labels and tags:  Mirnah offers print media and supplies that are ideal for harsh environments, which is more durable to withstand liquids, heat, cold, and other harsh environments.

Wireless networks: Mirnah provides secure and reliable wireless networks to support your food and beverage logistics solutions.

An active and operational route accounting (Route Pro) solution provides strong support for the growth potential for companies in the service management.

This software establishes the organized business practices and creates accountability on all department levels. It also helps in automating the complex operational and accounting processes. Thus route accounting (Route Pro) provides one solution for the entire business by managing the whole process systematically organized.

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