The Advantages of Having a Route Accounting Software System for Your Food & Beverage Management

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The Advantages of Having a Route Accounting Software System for Your Food & Beverage Management

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Since the dominance of route accounting software in Dubai regions is highly appreciated and delivers profitable results over the years, companies show more interest in investing in Route Accounting Software System. When it comes to Food and Beverage Management, which is highly perishable if not processed for delivery inappropriate time, the reputation of your company will get downsized. So, the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) System is a challenging factor for many food and beverage industries. Since the Food and Beverage DSD is in a demand because of the necessity to reduce the time given to DSD sales by the Supply chain management in order to avoid incompetence of the DSD Sales. Upgrading your DSD solution with Route Accounting system can be the reason to position your company away from the competitors and also helps to generate the ROI. The following are some of the key advantages gained by the leading Food and Beverage Companies through implementing Mirnah’s Route Accounting Software.

Take Overall Control:

Route Accounting has a wide variety of features that help to organize your business activities of operators, route sales representative, service technicians and quick access to the overall activities. The Route Accounting system solution enables the user to view the real-time order status and also supports complex processing configurations.

Automated Dispatching Tools:

By Implementing the DSD route accounting software, with the part of an ERP system, the software optimizes each route for each day with delivery timings. The time schedule can be optimized for scheduled delivery timings. The dispatching process can be monitored through daily activities with enabled wireless devices.

Automatic Day-end Reporting:

Once you receive sufficient growth of your business varies in Infrastructure, Manpower or technology, but the work process remains the same. With the help of our mobile access service, the access to handle the sales report and daily activities made much easier. The Route Accounting Software enables the user to activate automatic end day report in order to analyze the overall development of the organization.

Manage Customer Credits:               

Integration with the ERP System, you can easily print loyalty cards to your customers in order to reward them and also access to view their history of orders. This can lead to increase the Customer Satisfaction and to sustain your company’s reputations.

Track Sales Team:    

Through Mirnah’s Route accounting software you can easily get access to identify and track any particular customer inquiry in order to provide better customer service. With the help of tracking system, you can manage during emergency order delivery or unscheduled factors.

Control Inventory:

Now you can easily track your inventory through integrated barcode system and real-time synchronization of Inventory management alerts in case of insufficient stock availability. The system can be used at anywhere, anytime and also simplify your refilling the stock availability.

Thus, the chances for increasing the productivity in the Food and Beverage industry through the use of direct store delivery is applicable only by implementing route accounting software which has the major benefits starting from accounting to Inventory. With the upgrade of DSD route accounting solution, it provides insight details for a better production in a faster and healthier way. Being the most leading provider of route accounting software in Dubai and in major middle east countries, we ensure to provide surpasses growth in your food and Beverage Business. If you want to try out our route accounting software for your company to yield better ROI, click on the demo or reach us at :-


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