Benefits of implementing route accounting system for a service organization

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Benefits of implementing route accounting system for a service organization

In this highly automated digital era, there is no storefront to acquire sales at. We need to go to the customer’s place and conduct business as well. Which can be attained through Mirnah’s Route accounting software named Route Pro. Mirnah has been serving in this industry for about 25 years in the region of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait.

Why Route Pro?

We are supposed to manage multiple tasks both in-field and off-field, it’s difficult to track all these solutions on a single go. Our Route accounting software Route Pro allows the representatives to efficiently serve the customer both in-field and off-field right from the pre-sales to reconciliation; Route pro will make the work accessible and organized starting from accepting the purchase orders, issuing the invoices and payment collections

The combination of mobile computing software and portable printers in which Mirnah has around 25 years of experience partnering with Intermec will give your business the complete process starting from orders in taking, loading, shipping and delivering the right products every time. This efficiency of staying accurate, efficient and on-time determines the growth of your business.

Components and benefits of Route accounting system-

The whole process is of three main parts

Route Accounting Software (Route Pro)- This software will determine the workflow, real-time update, management, and the features to fit in your business this is available as RoutePro for Windows, RoutePro NxG for Android and iOS, RoutePro Unwired.

Mobile Computers- This is a primary tool used by the representatives in the field for taking orders, receiving the delivery info and routes, payment process and for the capture of the signature all these processes are done through the mobile device.

Portable printers- every sale need a record of transaction both for the company side and the customer side so this portable printer will be carried by the reps and will be able to provide the receipt in regards to the transaction on the spot.

Using these well- designed components route accounting system provides the following benefits-

Increased Productivity- Access to the market information which enables efficient delivery of the right product at the right time which will technically improve the customer base as the service is adequately organized.

Tracing facility- Avoid conflicts with the real-time update of delivered, damaged and returned products which can increase your reliability.

Reduction in error- Automated data collection, invoicing and efficient delivery routes will reduce the manual interruption which will enhance the hassle-free business.

RoutePro provides the enhanced business for you and makes your life more organized and straightforward. Explore RoutePro for a hassle-free experience.

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