How to use RFID Technology on your Inventory Management?

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How to use RFID Technology on your Inventory Management?

Technology is driving change in every industry as they face several challenges in the course of production. To meet these challenges, organisations are using wireless technology and real-time tracking. Keeping a track of inventory is time-consuming as many organisations face Multiple problems trying to manage their inventory. To combat this,the inventory management system with RFID wireless technology identifies, tracks and monitors inventory at all times. Whether it is a small or a big business, inventory management needs to be planned out well. 

RFID for inventory management and stock taking

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used to identify products and items in the warehouses. The technology operates with radio waves that efficiently communicates between a tag on the product and the reader. 

Retailers particularly benefit from the RFID technology for inventory management.

  • RFID tags are serialized with each item having a unique identification tag.
  • They possess a high read rate. In one second, RFID reader can scan through multiple items.
  • The reader does not have to be in proximity to the items to be scanned. RFID readers can identify items several meters away.

We often find, organisations facing a huge challenge when it comes to keeping track of their valuable assets. Well, in a scenario without a reliable, automated system, one can run into problems related to increase in expenditure particularly labour costs. With every aspect of warehouse getting transformed from product picking to packing the warehousing process becomes more streamlined. The Radio frequency identification (RFID)is used by retailers all over to track goods. The warehouse teams use mobile devices to track inventory from the moment it arrives until it gets dispatched, It is an automated identification and data collection technology  that dates back to the olden days. However, in the last decade, the RFID technology has made a drastic leap especially in the field of healthcare, retail, food safety, and other markets. The future of RFID is growing drastically as more and more industries invest in this technology. 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)technology uses tags to read and provide accurate, real-time information. In comparison to barcode scanners, one does not have to scan each item individually. With RFID tags, you can scan from a distance. 

Managing inventory is both time consuming and challenging. With an inventory management system you can get a clear insight into the stock available, security of stock and quality management. If your inventory is visible, the productivity will be high. With the RFID tags, you will have a better control over all warehouse processes.  

Uses of RFID technology in warehouses

  • Identification of each and every item in the inventory, accurate and cost-effective.
  • Tracking the products part of the inventory from production to point of sale thereby reducing manual labour.
  • Scanning  multiple stocks at the same time and gain Visibility of stock from anywhere and at anytime. 
  • Quick and easy storage and retrieval of stock on the system.

With Mirnah’s RFID printing technology, software, and mobile computers, it becomes easy to manage your assets and stock perfectly. It is quick to set up and easy to use. Mirnah’s RFID system is highly versatile and can be widely used in warehouses and Mirnah’s distribution centers.

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