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The next business digitalization: what companies should do now

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Your field service management must be a busy and clumsy by attending the scheduled orders and customers for the day, and it costs a lot of time and money to make sure the information from the field agents are accurately completed on time and sent back to the office. As automation is stepping into significant industries, and we are sure you are looking forward to automating your entire field service management, if you are wondering how to do it Mirnah will help you out with the complete automation of your business. Mirnah is serving for 25 years in the region of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait.

Mirnah has partnered with Honeywell in giving the best services when it comes to the handheld computers and dot matrix printer.

Here are the areas where the transformation of your business can happen


The communication between the field agent and the operations team will always be seamless. All that your business need is a handheld computer with field service management software thereby the essential particulars about a task can be entered, and once the work is completed they can make the task completed change from the field, and this change will be automatically updated across all the systems of your business. This enhanced communication process will put an end to the old method of getting back to the office and all other paper works and spreadsheets which saves a lot of time and money.

This replaces the age-old process of getting back to the office to update the data in sheets that saves a lot of time and money.

Our handheld computers include:

The latest Android or Windows operating system technology

Our Smart Systems device management software

Superior industrial design and ruggedness

Invoice and pays

Once the task is complete at the field the customer acknowledges with a digital signature as a confirmation, followed by the automated system will generate the invoice followed by the collection of payments digitally from the customer. Since everything is automated without human intervention, the chance of error in billing is close to zero. This saves much time and puts an end to the manual invoice generation for every customer after the service which avoids much paperwork.

Dot Matrix Printer

Coupled with Honeywell handheld computer, this Dot Matrix Printer facilitates route delivery settlement and make sure the customer information is in the current, produce invoices, receipts, load reports, transfers, and other documents.

Feedback from your customers

Your fieldwork staffs can collect instant feedback from the customers through this mobile application. Customer feedback is very important to understand where your business stands out in the market and to analyse the scope of improvement.

Real-time SMS and email updates can be sent to the customers automatically once the payment and feedback are collected. The intelligent engine can automate several repetitive tasks without any human interaction.


The data collected by the field service agents will help the business to analyse the performance and customer feedback. In case of any disruption caused it’s easy to understand the cause and fix the discomforts like delivery delays, service problems or productivity issues.

When you are using this automated field service software you will not only automate your business but all over you will improve the efficiency of your business in every aspect thereby increasing the productivity and the profit naturally.

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