Significant mobility techniques that benefits your warehouse management

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Significant mobility techniques that benefits your warehouse management

The growing facilities in the technology side connect and fix millions of equipment’s, product query, service and other items in a fraction of second. Thereby making the long warehouse process simple and easy. This technology incorporated systems improve the predictive analysis, troubleshoot problems remotely and create many new ways and leverage the large data correctly. Mirnah for the past 25 years in the areas of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait. Successfully.

Mirnah Technology systems (MTS) is  one of the top technology service providers in the Middle -Eastern mobile computing industry. The consistent quality and variety of service they provide to their clients made them the market leaders in the automation sector. They provide years of valuable service across the World. That  has strengthened the base by creating a long-lasting partnerships with various giant organisations and market leaders like, Honeywell & Tally.

The specialty of Mirnah lies in seamlessly providing a extensive services  for their clients across the World. The client lists includes clients from different verticals like  FMCG industry , tobacco industry ,consumer electronic goods and many more clients. Mirnah has got a highly diverse and multi-talented work-force, Mirnah’s speciality lies  in the handling style of loads of processing different levels and segments of any business. Having an experience of more than twenty-three years, Mirnah has qualified to assist the clients in various process like on-field data collection applications , maintaing the warehouse, route accounting ,asset tracking and many more.

Warehouse and inventory control management are one of the trademark services  by Mirnah. Mirnah has been developing this unique solution to provide updates instantly on stock availability thereby ensure more efficient management of warehouse.Mirnah also assists in reduction of unnecessary wastage of goods and cost effective.  Mirnah builts back office application that enables the warehouses to effectively monitor the daily warehouse activities. Multi-language compatibility option allows the users from different lingual backgrounds to use of this application without any difficulty.This is highly flexible and adaptable and also customize for different verticals.

There are four significant mobility ways’ benefits in warehouse management

Enhanced inventory management

These systems can automatically notify you on stocks, service dates and assets repair and missing which is a great help in the real-time connectivity for the field staffs and the organizer in regards to the shares and thereby makes things easier to manage and maintain.

Cost efficient and less labour

With the use of these systems, work progress and time can be much better utilized without a lot of time-consuming on data and labor.

Improved customer engagement

The granular visibility these systems provide can make the customer engagement a better one and more accurate, with the better information about the demand and the capacity you can serve your customers at your best.

Risk Reduction

Every detail is computerized therefore losing a supply, nor its information is reduced. Risk factors like counterfeiting, theft, and spoilage are also on track thereby it improves the productivity and service with real-time accuracy.

Mirnah has a diversified business model to suit all your needs in different verticals of your business, such as Business intelligence in Retail & distribution, inventory and supply chain management. If you want to improve your warehouse management and other management application, Mirnah guarantees to provide a world-class solution for all your requirement.

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