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Manage and Track your Field Stuff Within a Device

A Next Generation Featured Mobile Computing device that makes your Field Staff Love their work even in this Roasting Climate.

At the edge of making dilemma decision whether you would pay your employees spent on serving the customers or the hours spent working heavily on manual – record making for the stock products. The answer is very well known, the more clients a Company serves, the more its reputation and also the Production Increases. All these works are carried under the Field Service Management platform which acts as the main company’s resource which is associated very close with the clients.

Mobile Computing replaces those Blue – Collar works:

Being the major role in the Field Service Industry, mobile computing replaces the old manual scheduling process which is very time consuming and prone to error. This can lead to minimizing the resource factor which results in wastage of the employee’s time too. As opposed this, features that have been fully specialized for field Service Management like Intermec CN70 Ultra-rugged Mobile Computing device sold by Mirnah Technology systems plays the most vital role in relieving those messy works. The Intermec CN70 is manufactured with an extra special for the field mobility service that includes a VGA display for a better visibility, enduring material and durable Gorilla Glass that withstand during all the work roll.
The impact of these mobile computing doesn’t simply stop with exchanging the critical business information, but also its contribution to Flexible Radio Technology, Advanced Barcode Scanning, on – Board Diagnostics, an incendive system which in inflammable using in hazardous areas and also tracking of the employee for urgency or unscheduled factors.
The Intermec CN70 & CN70e are celebrated as the most ethical product of the decades. With in-depth manufacturing technology, the device is widely used for the van sales automation in Dubai and many other Middle-East countries.
Ease to Point Field Representatives:
The Field Representatives are required to update all the necessary data’s like inventory and invoices during their field work which extracts those valuable time. These issues are handled through the Inventory control system where the Mirnah is the leading developer of Inventory application and route accounting software in Saudi Arabia and also around the Middle East Countries which yields information about complete stock availability during offline and online services. The application is significantly designed for the warehouse directories to easily enable the stock space on a real-time basis.
Thus, the Field Service Management is keen towards assuring the client’s satisfaction similarly the management has to ensure employee’s pleasure.

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