Inventory Control & Management

Mirnah’s Warehouse & Inventory control system commonly known as WICS,  gives up- to- date stock availability information to the management for better control and effective management of the stock at warehouse

Most of the times company owned warehouses as well as distributors struggle to keep a track of their inventory which affects sales figures. This results in losing a lot of time each day, which goes into matching actual sales made by the salesman in the field. Mirnah’s Warehouse and Inventory control system allows you to manage and monitor the inventory with ease. Make the best out of our complete inventory management system suitable for all businesses

This application helps the warehouse manager to manage the space in the warehouse, reduce costs and wastage. With access to real-time, accurate inventory data, your warehouse professionals save time performing physical inventories, keep tabs on stock availability, and buyers can maintain optimum stock levels while minimizing carrying costs

Back Office Application

An intranet application deployed in the warehouse to manage day to day warehouse activities is installed on one server & can be accessed by everyone on the same network

Handheld Terminal Application

The HHT Module is deployed on the Proposed Devices and helps during receiving of items, putting away of items, picking items and stock issue

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