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Handheld computers for a better enhanced business process

In many organizations, the combination of smartphone, laptop or PC is good enough for their work nature. In recent years, some organizations have begun to switch over to tablets and other technical accessories available in the market to enhance their work process. Mirnah is serving for 25 years in the region of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait. Mirnah has partnered with Honeywell in giving the best services when it comes to the handheld computers and dot matrix printer.

In most of the scenarios, laptops are considered as comfortable in the workspace, but these handheld computers are perfect on the field and easy to carry. With the use of these gadgets, you save your time and money.

Honeywell handheld computers are the full-on full combination of the advantages of the consumer with the high-end industrial mobile computers in a single rugged package.

Honeywell devices are basically small, lightweight and easy to carry. They provide targeted functionalities, a tactical keypad and enhanced connectivity also includes industry standard, Cisco compatibility, and Bluetooth.

Handheld computers include:

  • The latest Android or Windows operating system technology
  • Our Smart Systems device management software
  • Superior industrial design and ruggedness

Below are some of the uses of Handheld Computers.

Warehouse Workers:

To track the inventory in the warehouse is a tough job. There are many complications in the range of different product and stuff. The exact picture of supplies and the stocks are expected to be piled up without any delay and misplacement of any product. To attain this perfection, handheld computers can help out in various ways; this handheld computer allows the warehouse workers to scan the stocks of the incoming and the outgoing record which makes the piling up easy, accurate and straightforward.

Delivery Workers:

In field service, nowadays its seen familiar that the person carries a rugged handheld computer along with them to scan the items before delivery to record the status of the products or the order placed. By scanning the product, the delivery person enters the delivery date, time, items and venue thereby the information gets updated in the system automatically and thus saves many complications.

Event admission:

Admission of new tickets and other details must always be hard to be maintained in the pile of paperwork because it’s easily viable and can be misused in many ways, but here with the use of handheld computers everything is digitized and can be re-used in a fraction of second. You can also refer it whenever you have a doubt; you can also leave notes on changes you are in need of for the reference of the other staffs. You can effectively prevent fake tickets and fraud activities using handheld computers.

Make your business process more effective and dynamic with Mirnah by opting for the advanced technology. Keep changing for the best business with Mirnah.


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