Future Benefits of Asset Inventory Control System

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Future Benefits of Asset Inventory Control System

All businesses, big or small have two vital elements, assets and inventory. Assets are ‘what you own’ and inventory is ‘what you sell’. Gone are the days when companies used to track assets and inventory using manual processes. Today’s computerised asset and inventory managed system has made it easier for us to keep track of what is in stock and what isn’t. Having said this, a robust and reliable asset control system is imperative for all businesses. In this blog, we will talk about Asset Management and its benefits.

Importance of Asset Management

If assets are not tracked, there is a  likelihood of misplacing or losing them. All resources that a company owns from desks and chairs to gadgets used in warehouses and  field workers need to be systematically tracked. Additionally, by tracking assets, one can assess if one particular asset is outdated or needs a replacement. Following are a few benefits of having an asset control system for your business.

  • Prevents losses 

Any company can incur a huge expense due to the loss of an asset. For instance, lets say a field worker has been using a laptop and a mobile phone for outdoor field service. Unless we make a note of the gadgets issued with the specified tag on it, we will not  know its whereabouts at a later date. Tracking assets helps in employee accountability and responsibility

  • Easy reporting and auditing 

Systematic tracking of assets leads to timely maintenance schedules, information on its location and depreciation. Using a cloud-based system, all such attributes can be tracked from anywhere and at anytime. At the touch of a button, simple internal audits can be performed whenever necessary. 

  • Extends the asset lifecycle

We invest a lot on bulky and heavy duty assets. With an asset tracking system in place, we can increase the lifespan of the asset. We are able to get a clear picture of the condition of the asset, information on maintenance, replacements and warranty alerts 

  • Increase productivity and reduce labour 

Assets tagged with RFID tags, can be scanned automatically which eliminates the need of having people engaged in manual work. Your efficient workforce can engage themselves in something more productive.

  • Ensures accuracy and peace of mind 

Whats’ more important than the peace of mind that your business has achieved optimal efficiency and accuracy using the asset tracking system. Going through internal and external audits will no longer be difficult with a system to track assets. 

Mirnah’s scalable and easy to use asset tracking system can enable your business run more efficiently than ever before .We help you manage equipment and assets the smart way. 

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