Field Service

Retailers have to make sure that their customers are fully satisfied with the services that they provide and happy with the products that they have purchased.

To make your business much efficient, you need to eliminate paperwork and simplify maintenance and support activities. We have exactly what you need, the software that manages your service operations without any flaws and ensures that the right technician is sent at the right time to create faster time to value.

Mirnah has partnered with Intermec to provide solutions for Field Service. Manage your field service operations with Mirnah’s Field service management software. Solutions Include:

We enable efficient field maintenance and repair operations by providing information that technician needs directly into their hands. We ensure that the information is readily available to them to carry out the maintenance job smoothly

Through handheld’s scanner and optional RFID tag reader, technicians can verify that the correct asset is being worked on and the right tools and parts are being used. It also records when the tasks are completed and can even collect payment

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