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Explore the capabilities of field service management with Mirnah

Field service management has evolved significantly in the recent years.A successful business is not in acquiring new business but in the service we provide our clients. To explore the best field service management in and around UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria,Egypt, south Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait. One has to refer to Mirnah.we have the exclusive Mirnah’s field service management software(FSM) to make things easy to avoid the clumsiness and to provide the simplified maintenance and support.

Mirnah along with the partnership with Intermec provides this efficient field service management software to face the challenges in the traditional field service method.

What are the challenges occurred during the field service-

Technician visibility – using the traditional method it’s not easy and accurate to locate the technician’s availability there happens a lot of miscommunication and error in tracking the location.

Technician utilization- its hard to keep on checking what work has to be done and to track it correctly but by using (FSM) software the tasks are listed and organized, so it’s easy to keep a track on what to be done and on the unfinished work as well.
Response and Resolution- when there is an issue instant ticket can be raised with the description which will initiate the prompt response to the posed query and resolve it at the earliest.
Benefits and solution-

Authentication in information- it’s easy and quick for the reports to be updated instantly every info is being digitalized, and there is no need of manual interruption or moving to the office to check the details every information can be verified using the software.

Customer-friendly is the significant positive aspects of this software; here the customers are happy with the immediate response and the effectiveness of the work.


Maintenance issue is caused due to the lack of tracking, but with Mirnah by using handheld’s scanner, an RFID tag reader, its easy to verify the asset is used for the relevant purpose does it have any fault to be rectified, it also keeps a record of the completion of the task and it also collects the payment.

This is how Mirnah’s field service management software faces the challenges and rectifies the flaws in the tracking system.
For more assistance in regards to the questions and the issues in the Field service management, Asset tracking, Route accounting contact Mirnah.

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