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Field Service Management FSM – Your Key To Success

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Modernizing the process you traditionally follow for your field service operation may look new. If you feel your existing FSM system is working for you, what is the point in changing it? The problem is not that your system isn’t working — it’s to enhance your system technically and make things easy and straightforward for you.

Manual methods are standard; they take most of your valuable time from your business. Handling piles of paperwork,  you have to manually help your customer in scheduling visits which may be missed because of this faulty system, whereas this technology is a longterm investment where you get a lot of benefits and organized work process.

The simple change to mobile of your employees will drastically improve your business’s efficiency. Adopting the modernized field service management is the wise idea to stay ahead in the current market.

Mobile device

Mobile has taken the world into its hand over the past few decades. Today most of the business happens with the mobile devices when compared to the previous days. This increase in the flexibility of the use of mobile devices supports the business community for their utility. This power of the mobile phone will substantially improve the field service productivity and will be the enormous benefit for the field technicians. The entire process of the digital signature, payments, invoice, and notes for service using the mobile phone or tablet has made the whole process significant

What are the notable features in using field management software-

Instant notification-

The new order or change of order or existing one’s update, whether the technician is on the way, the issue with the device and the schedule of the technician are instantly sent as a notification; therefore, there is no struggle in knowing the update of the work.

Customize your options-

While creating the software you are free to customize it according to the work of your office staff thereby, you will be able to optimize the daily task and assessment easily and quickly.

Route integrated-

You have the maps and locations incorporated into the device which will save your technician from losing the valuable work time; he will not be forgotten with the wrong directions nor sites, it also helps to automatically schedule your visits depending upon the area and the direction.

Data are handy-

There will be no more pile of paperwork, every data will be computerized and can be handled from anywhere you wish, which will reduce the fuel cost since there is no traveling back and forth to the office for getting data. These data include a description of the work in progress, work completed, report of delayed reasons in the case and all other required information in detail.

There was a survey taken comparing the use of FSM software the results were very much prominent.

  • 90% increased the number of customers
  • 86% technicians’ fuel costs decrease
  • 83% invoices paid in short time frame
  • 82% increased number of first-time fixes
  • 79%customer visits per day

These statistics are the significant example of what Field Service Management Software can do to your business. With this incredible system management, you will be able to organize and manage all your work process efficiently on a single go.

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