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Effective solutions and services for Field service management System

Field Service Management Software is a system for coordinating operations in the field using mobile workforce. This services and solutions is being offered by Mirnah for the past 25 years in the areas of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait. Successfully.

This FSM entails the schedule for service orders, dispatching and tracking the vehicles and to update the status of the work progress. This software solution helps to automate and track the tasks by providing mobile access. This software holds lot more capabilities to enhance the FSM and inventory control.

Mirnah’s FSM and Inventory Control provides the automated assistance right from the

order management
Location tracking
Status update
GPS navigation
Route optimization (Route Pro)
Driver logs
Asset repositories and
Inventory management

Organizations that started switching to the use of FSM software have relatively experienced an increase in efficiency in the completion of jobs and to cost cut in several areas

Control in the fuel cost-FSM has reduced the fuel expenditure after the usage of this software with the help of route optimization and efficient scheduling several companies have drastically cut drive the fuel consumption and the distances.
Workforce management- FSM with the mobile tracking facilities helps the reps to update the job status and location which allows to enable better accountability and manage the unexpected delays and problems. Which makes the work more organized.

Revised data-entry-Paper-based entry and reporting create more ways for errors, and it can be altered as well but with the FSM software everything is being digitalized and there is no need for manual indulgence everything is noted accurately which results in the improved security and final audits.

As customer base grow larger its best to update your system and your service , because customers tend to have hassle-free facilities so with FSM software several organizations developed the ability to deliver fast and efficient by utilising the mobile workforce, it has became a necessity for the companies to stay organized and it has all the qualities to be the necessity.

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