TAKE MEA Kuwait wins mega deal for RoutePro Unwired (with SAP) at Kuwait Gulf Trading & Refrigerating Company (GTRC)

TAKE MEA Kuwait has received the order for its first ever RoutePro Unwired solution offering for Gulf Trading & Refrigerating Company (GTRC ) that would communicate directly with SAP’s DSD module through the Sybase Mobile Platform (SMP). This is a very big achievement in itself as this is an entry into the large segment prospect base for Direct Store Delivery. The project will rolled out across key divisions like Colgate Palmolive, Mars, Kraft, Galaxy & Phillips for the automation of their direct distribution. GTRC will deploy this on Samsung Galaxy tablet computers and will benefit from real time advanced reporting from though RPx, TAKEMEA’s out-of-the-box solution for Analytics developed on Qlikview.

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