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Thank you for your interest in Mirnah Technology Systems(MTS). I am Reji Nair, Chief Executive Officer.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce MTS – the leading and the most experienced Enterprise Mobility company in the Middle East and Africa.

MTS was formed twenty three years ago in June 1997. The founders had the Vision to bring Mobile Computing technology into the Supply Chain of the Manufacturing and Distribution companies in the region. Over the last several years MTS progress and accomplishments have resulted in many firsts in the Enterprise Mobility business.

From small beginnings our business has seen significant growth and marked improvement in all indicators. Our clients include the top brands in the region and I am proud of the fact that some of them have us as their Enterprise Mobility vendor for the last 15+ years.

MTS is in the midst of a transformation. I have now been CEO of MTS for more than 3 years and can affirm that the high pace of change I encountered when I started with MTS 15 years back has not slowed down. Like all Technology companies we too have experienced a great deal of change during this time. There’s been several disruptive technologies that have affected our business model. The consumerization of IT and the concept of BYOD has hit us and made us rethink our strategies many times. But our commitment to stay ahead as the leader of Enterprise Mobility has not waivered. Some of the steps we have taken in the past 7 years are:

  • Shifted focus to eCommerce with our B2B platform for retailers to trade with manufacturers
  • Added a Loyalty Program software for retailers.
  • A new Demand Planning and Forecasting software that can be used by companies for their Supply chain planning, Production Planning and Distribution Planning.
  • New Software for Asset Management and Field Service to help our customers monitor, track and maintain assets in and outside their offices.
  • Added a new Retail Point of Sale software that works on Android touch screen Cash registers.
  • Added a Mobile Inventory Management software for managing transactions in small to medium size warehouses.
  • Developed our own internal Business Intelligence & Analytics software.
  • Partnered with Honeywell’s VoCollect to deliver Voice based data collection that connects with major ERPs.
  • We recognized the potential of Android and IOS very early and ported our DSD/Sales Force Automation software to the new Operating Systems.
  • We partnered with SAP and executed a Co-Innovation Project with them to develop a new Software Product for Mobile Sales Force Automation that works with SAP using their latest SMP technology.
  • Enhanced our software to run on Consumer devices like Smartphone and Tablets.

As a CEO I wear multiple hats and play many roles in the service of our company. I attribute my success in Mirnah to the following 3 factors:

  1. I feel very privileged and fortunate to manage a team of young and energetic professionals, who are both hard-working and progressive.
  2. The trust and support of the owners, who have continuously motivated me to do more and have rewarded me when applicable.
  3. The Amazing growth of the Middle East market and in particular Saudi Arabia in the past two decades.

Having said that, we are aware of the new challenges in terms of regional issues and technical disruptions. MTS has recognized the need to change and adapt to these conditions fast. Our focus for the next few years will be to expand geographically outside the Middle east and make our software products easier to implement and manage in a Cloud based subscription mode.

I thank you once again for visiting our web site.


Reji Nair


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