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How to Make your Business Standout with Asset Tracking Management System

In Oman

Mirnah who is successfully leading this Asset tracking management system
for the tracking of stock availability and efficient management of the whole process for 25years in the region of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait,

Easily track all your assets with the well-equipped software. You can follow and record your supply and maintenance report. get noticed where your assets are located using scanning barcodes method directly from asset tracking software

You can access the following systems using mirnah’s asset tracking management

  • Track the location of your existing assets
    Depreciate values of your fixed assets
    Linking your assets to the system to track the movement
    Managing the maintenance record of your assets
    To view the activity logs, costs, and report.

Asset audit
Conduct regular audits of your assets using the portable asset tracking software, and the information is updated instantly including their condition, custody and maintenance report it also generates a description of the missing and the existing assets.

Tracking location
Asset contains individual barcode RFID which will help you to track your assets using barcode reader either using your computer or by using the portable mobile computing scanner. Through which you can record the updated details and even notify the misplaced or missed assets.

Depreciate your assets
Define your meters and control the depreciated method. Generate the report according to the updated values. All these data’s can be used for accounting and monitoring.

Asset lending monitoring
Scan an asset and get to know the holder information and if any other third party is misusing the particular asset it can be updated instantly with the data, even you can get a reminder messages regarding the overdue and stuff.

Record of the maintenance management
Service-related updates and detailed maintenance service reports and warranty records are recorded in the software which will include the type of the asset, serial number, description of the holder and more will be instantly noted and used for further references.

This software has the various support system like database support, barcode support, asset tag RFID support; It also contains a portable printer which helps the instant invoice printing which allows the customer have a bright idea about the process and builds a trust factor for the customer which is the essential factor for every business.

Mirnah provides the whole setup of the asset tracking management which helps you to have a clear view about your business and its process with a single software and keep you updated with the up-to-date information.

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