RPx – Routepro Analytics

Pre-packaged Analytics Framework for Route Accounting built QlikView’s in-memory technology. It provides a real time snapshot of your organization’s key metrics that helps in monitoring performance, measuring them against the set standards and identifying gaps if any to resolve problems and eventually help in critical decision making

Using this you can easily analyze your business performance by visualizing comparisons, patterns and trends in sales and inventory related data. See what this visual interface has to offer


Leverage from the dashboards and analytics included in our route accounting software

  • No more paper based reporting
  • Real-Time information
  • Accurate Salesforce management
  • Perfect measurement of metrics
  • Improved decision making

MERx – Merchandising Analytics

The merchandising industry is Dynamic one. In order to meet ever changing market requirements our Merchandising Analytics software gives an all New Dimension to affective Merchandising Dashboards & Reporting developed on Qlikview and can easily assist Sales & Merchandising Managers to make informed decisions. It consists of a wide array of reports, dashboards and analyses that are made available which can help enhance productivity and profitability. With a responsive and integrated system, our solution can provide you with the following:

KPIs covered by MERx, that will help you define and measure progress towards merchandising goals

Performance of sales
  • Outlet Coverage & Execution
  • Active Outlets
  • Strike rate
  • Visit frequency
  • Time spent
  • Route compliance
Product visibility
  • Shelf Share
  • Assortment
  • Planogram
  • Zone Coverage
  • Active Locations
  • Permanent display
Outcome of the sales
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Returns % to sales
  • Shelf Must Stock
  • Category/Order
  • SKUs/Order

Enterprise Wide Analytics

The all-inclusive analytics platform for organizations interlinks the various departments so that critical business information is available to all. Mirnah has partnered with Qlikview to offer cutting edge visualization & reporting dashboards across various divisions in an enterprise. Through this, organizations can have business discovery applications that will provide employees with dynamic information and analysis required to make better business decisions.

The potential benefits of partnering with Mirnah for your BI programs include

  • Accelerated decision making
  • Optimized internal business processes
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Driving new revenues
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Help identify market trends

Businesses are in need of such Enterprise wide analytics to streamline the various procedures and methodologies that are followed by the company for smooth business functioning. Decision makers & employees can get insights about what exactly is going on across the organization at any given point of time. This real time information is what companies need, to keep themselves competitive.

Advantages of Qlikview BI Solutions

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