Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions for your Business

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Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions for your Business

Real-time business intelligence is an essential solution for asset tracking and field service driven organisations Mirnah provides the complete track of the field management services with the specific sections and advanced technology in the areas of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait for the past 25 years.

Delivering right information at the right time is the critical aspect of business intelligence. This can enhance the overall view of the entire operations. Right from the better decision making, automation process and other utilities this can optimize your business and take your business process to the next level.

Here are some essential benefits of Business Intelligence

Optimizing assets

Field services include unplanned interruptions in services business intelligence is the ultimate solution to overcome those laggings in work.

Most of the companies are adapting this technology for an enhanced business process.

Efficient for the inventory base- it’s the primary critical factor to implement robust security mechanisms. RIFD are very much reliable.

Lower chance of human errors

Everything is automated here, and by which you can cut down the mistakes made by the human, therefore, such technology maintains an accurate database of the business.

Real-time data analytics- continuous tracking gives the relevant information and updates such practice will strengthen your business’s data analytics.

Route optimization and tracking

Providing the most efficient and exact route to the job site with the help of GPS navigation causes decrease the downtime and also manages the nearby available technician allotment when the work is completed and with the new orders.

Advanced software RFID

The latest advanced solution includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System) tracking software which increases the speed of the process and enhances productivity; it optimizes the outcomes. Companies are switching over to this technology for faster work operations.

Status update, tracking, and logs

This high-time technology helps to capture the time and the activities completed in the field and also helps in managing the upcoming future projects and which results in generating the final plans and invoices.

Asset repositories

Access to the previous data and information helps in regulating compliance items and streamlines; any clarifications can be referred handy.

Inventory management

A clear picture of the existing orders, expecting orders and current orders and updating instantly will ensure the process is in the correct place. Inventory management is the essential factor to be held with proper care to lead a successful business.

Invoice processing

The person in the field can process the prevailing order and can generate new rules from there in need during those scenarios it’s efficient to have the invoice and the process payment on the spot.

Customer communication

Customer is the base for any business , we rely on them and their order , whereas our services speak aloud when it comes to the retention of our customers during every step right from order placement till the work status and the survey after the completion has to be updated to the customers instantly because having an excellent communication and service with the customers improve the customers and satisfaction which will have a significant and healthy impact in our business.

The advantages and the benefits of Business Intelligence are vast and evident by many organisations; this helps you to make your business faster and efficient, by incorporating this technology you can secure your business operations and stay ahead in the market.

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