Benefits of using asset tracking management software

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Benefits of using asset tracking management software

If managing your assets has been a tricky job, you need to reconsider your mode of managing the assets immediately. This data will help you in the right investment decisions. The problem with the asset management is they keep moving. Therefore, to keep track of these assets has always been a problem. Therefore, to ensure the data of the assets many businesses rely on web-based asset managing software. This latest technology has intuitive features that makes asset tracking easy and simple.

This web-based asset management software can be installed on tablets and smartphones, which is a useful functionality that helps you save costs.

Benefits of using web-based asset tracking software 

Asset tracking software offers some exclusive features which include;

  • High-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, consumable assets, etc.
  • Schedule and re-schedule assets individually or in groups, type, ¬†location.
  • Produce an updated version of asset report
  • Utilize the barcode technology to identify the assets
  • Maintain the complete audit of the system.

This software can be used to manage and track remotely and keep track of the data this software includes

  • Item scanning check in/check out
  • Asset management
  • Inventory control

Barcode capability-

  • Searching and entering data using barcode scanners
  • Can adapt any barcode
  • Standard lasers and inkjet printers
  • Synchronization

Asset management

  • Provides the complete source of asset management.
  • Provides a wide range of pre-defined and customized reports.
  • Document asset maintenance report instantly.
  • Maintain a highly secured and reliable audit trail of all the transactions.
  • Avoid the intervention of human error.
  • Handheld portable device to enter the details.

Inventory control system

  • Supplier information form for updating.
  • Item information form for entry.
  • Stock replenishment form for the record.
  • Order and purchase forms can be generated automatically.
  • Inventory check that allows you to enter barcode and check the status.
  • Inventory update that allows you to update the inventory counts.

Web-based asset management software tracks and record every info related to asset utilization, service and maintenance. These data are analysed and stored to make critical decisions in maintaining the assets and your business.


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