Asset Tracking Management System

In today’s world information is power. Time is money. You need to know exactly what you have, and accurately track it for depreciation, taxation, and other important factors.

It is a huge challenge that most organizations face when it comes to keeping track of vital assets. Well, in a scenario without a reliable, automated asset management system in place results into increased expenditures and labor. To tackle this problem we have a perfect solution, a solution that realizes the need for Tracking Assets with an aim to Save Money. Tracking Assets is not only a way of improving your bottom line; it’s a requirement if your business needs to comply with audit regulations.

What we do for you is, ensure that your barcode asset tracking system is in place with the asset and location data which will always keep you updated on where your assets are and how long they’ve been there. Besides, you can also generate valuable reports for managing the assets and get to know about the costs associated with them.

Asset Tracking Management System Objectives

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  • Record Assets under Warranty period
  • Record Assets sent for Maintenance Purposes
  • Gathering compliance about Assets
  • Prioritizing services as per nature of calls
  • Scheduling and assigning service calls
  • Maintaining logs of the services

ATM’s Functionality

Find your assets right when you need them with Mirnah’s dynamic asset tracking software.

  • Asset Issue Report
  • Asset Warranty Report
  • Pending services
  • Service Log Report
  • Asset Disposal/Cancellation Report
  • Asset on Repairs by company
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