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Asset Tracking is made easy with Mirnah.

In the world full of business there is one common factor of maintaining assets, maintaining tremendous assets in paperwork never help you because assets accountability and visibility can save your business, therefore, to adopt the automated system will help you to manage your assets and your business.

Mirnah Technology Systems is a successful provider of Technology Services in the Mobile computing industry in the areas of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait for the past 25 years. Asset tracking with Mirnah is also economical, reliable and secure.

Companies across the world have a vast number of assets and inventory items in their warehouse to be monitored on a daily basis. Many organizations have multiple warehouses and outlets. In this case, a lot of inventory items and marketing events should be taken care of, but tracking this huge and numerous items might be tricky. Especially if it’s a company that holds a vast number of things and assets to organize across their multiple stores, then it’s a big deal to organize the whole stuff.

The best way to track the assets is to switch over to an automated system that will help you to monitor a huge number of assets in very minimal time. That will make your warehouse management and asset tracking more efficient and effective.

By implementing automated asset tracking, you gain

  • Gain proper time management and cost management on labour
  • Shipment tracking and deliveries are always on track
  • Improved asset accountability
  • Proper inventory
  • Effective warehouse processes

Locate your assets using the automated system

Great way to deal with the assets is to use a software-based automated system to reduce the time you spend in trying to find your assets; you can also satisfy your customers by providing the best on-time services and thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

Tracking systems helps you to track asset purchases, regulations and stipulations your assets are subjected to and to track and maintain the process will monitor the details related to your assets, and thereby your assets are always in control.

Mirnah has programmed an automated system that allows you to track and leave comments related to the assets which will be a great help for the next person whoever handling the assets from then on. It also automates the tracking needs and be more aware of the entire process; you can instantly view the details anytime anywhere.

By, implementing asset tracking you have the privilege to enjoy the multiple opportunities to optimize your business and the processes by which you can save money. Asset tracking lowers the costs and time; it also streamlines your services and schedules, you get an advantage of improved customer service, through which your business run with ease and profit.

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