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Manage your asset using asset tracking software

Asset Tracking provides you the facility of accessing your data in real-time wherever you are in need to monitor your assets, Mirnah delivers the best efficient asset tracking system software.

Mirnah Technology Systems is a successful provider of Technology Services in the Mobile computing industry in the areas of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait for the past 25 years.

Asset tracking with Mirnah is also economical, reliable and secure.

This advanced solution includes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System) tracking software which increases the speed of the process and enhances the productivity; it optimizes the outcomes.

Asset tracking software offers some exclusive features which include;

  • High-time tracking of an unlimited number of assets, consumable assets, etc.
  • Schedule and re-schedule assets individually or in groups, type, ¬†location.
  • Produce an updated version of asset report
  • Utilize the bar code technology to identify the assets
  • Maintain the complete audit of the system.

This software can be used to manage and track remotely and keep track of the data this software includes

  • Item scanning check in/check out
  • Asset management
  • Inventory control

Bar code capability

  • Searching and entering data using bar code scanners
  • Can adapt any bar code
  • Standard lasers and inkjet printers
  • Synchronization

Asset management

  • Provides the complete source of asset management.
  • Provides a wide range of predefined and customized reports.
  • Document asset maintenance report instantly.
  • Maintain a highly secured and reliable audit trail of all the transactions.
  • Avoid the intervention of human error.
  • Handheld portable device to enter the details.

Inventory control system

  • Supplier information form for updating.
  • Item information form for entry.
  • Stock replenishment form for the record.
  • Order and purchase forms can be generated automatically.
  • Inventory check that allows you to enter bar code and check the status.
  • Inventory update that allows you to update the inventory counts.

In addition to all the above-stated pro’s of this handheld secure moving device and the software there might be other requirements your organizations must be exclusively in need of, Mirnah can produce a custom based facility to accommodate the desired functions and make your business accessible and equipped one we also provide training and services. With Mirnah you and your business will grow.


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